Mashable Partners, Newsy team up on advertising-friendly video

Two media companies with different points of online video focus are combining their expertise in a partnership to deliver a new breed of what they call "high-quality advertising-friendly video."

The partnership joins Newsy, a video news provider that analyzes multiple worldwide sources, and Mashable, a company that calls itself the "leading media company for the Connected Generation," a press release stated.

"Newsy delivers the kind of content our readers love: Timely, informative and entertaining," Mashable CTO Robyn Peterson said in the press release. "They're a key component to our growing digital video strategy."

As part of that strategy, Mashable editors will search for Web stories and work in real time with Newsy's producers to "deliver unique multi-source news videos on any screen covering current events, interviews with influencers, and segments with Internet stars," the press release said.

Recent stories called out in the press release include a review of hot apps and a how-to to create a secure password, the companies said.

Mashable, the release said, draws 25 million unique monthly viewers for advertisers to target. Newsy, meanwhile, said in its boilerplate that it "generates millions of views every month" via free apps available for download on iTunes Google Play, the Windows Phone Marketplace and the Nokia Store.

"We're thrilled to be working with Mashable, a premier content partner dedicated to reporting on the importance of digital innovation," Newsy President Jim Spencer said. "The videos that Newsy produces for Mashable integrate visual cues and custom graphics - providing content that is easy to consume and insightful."

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- Mashable and Newsy issued this press release

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