Netflix restructures API program to focus on product support

Netflix (Nasdaq: NFLX) has stopped issuing new public API developer keys as one of several sweeping changes to its API program, a blog post by Daniel Jacobson, director of engineering for Netflix API, states.

The changes to the program, including shutting down APIs to new affiliates, "are designed to allow us to focus our API efforts on supporting the products and features used most by our members," Jacobson wrote. "They are also designed to allow us to continue to offer the public API program in a way that aligns with our goals."

The API program, by way of background, was developed to focus on supporting the multiple devices used by Netflix members to stream TV shows and movies. Almost all of the changes are effectively immediately.

Netflix will no longer issue new public API developer keys but will honor all existing keys that are "actively calling the API," Jacobson wrote. The online streaming video purveyor also will not accept new API affiliates but "there will be no impact on existing and active affiliates," he further noted.

For those who remain with the program, Netflix will no longer offer test environments, Jacobson wrote, noting "the test tools have been unavailable for a while and we won't bring them back."

On the proactive side, Netflix will set the forums in the developer portal as read only and "encourage developers to continue their conversations at" a website. Current forum posts will be archived and remain on the site.

Finally, Jacobson wrote, Netflix will retire the OData catalog effective April 8.

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