Netflix's new deal with 20th Century Fox, Universal can't shake vile 28-day delay for streaming video

Netflix announced today that it had re-upped Twentieth Century Fox and Universal Studios Home Entertainment, meaning it'll be able to keep sending out DVDs by mail and streamingvideo to your PC, Xbox, Wii, PS3, iPad etc. But, unfortunately, there was no new deal on the 28-day wait between when you can get it on a disc and when you can stream it, a bit of digital discrimination that's become more and more irksome to consumers who have become more mobile and less inclined to gather the entire family in front of the television screen for movie night.

So, if you were patiently waiting for the release of "Avatar" (street release April 22) and hoping you'd be able to watch it on your new iPad-which has a kick butt Netflix app available--you'll have to wait until late May to see it.

The deal does open up some new Fox Television programming, though, including multiple seasons for "Bones," "Arrested Development," "24," and more.

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