New online video platform Dovie takes flight

The online video platform space just got a little more crowded with the launch today of Dovie, which is billing itself as an affordable, accessible, all-in-one video platform. The Portland, Ore.-based company says its mission was to develop a simple solution that would help publishers "create a video control cloud with enough power to launch an online TV show, channel or network from a desktop computer."

Dovie is offering a no-contract $29 introductory plan that includes all the services features, adaptive bitrate streaming, advertising, analytics, encoding, hyperlinks, overlays, playlists, revenue sharing, ad targeting, white labeling and the ability to fully style player and playlist embeds with custom CSS. The system supports delivery of channel playlists and multiple forms of advertising including text and banner overlays to handhelds and notebooks like Apple's iPad and iPhone.

Dovie is targeted at the non-technical, said the company, which says it's also deep enough for larger enterprise use. The platform was built on HTML5, CSS and Javascript which "allows users to completely customize their embeds and delivers the same experience to every platform."

Dovie says the platform allows content managers to swap out branding on white-labeled players and update all forms of advertising on the fly, even after embedding on remote sites.  Account holders can plug into ad major networks, the company said, with ad revenues are shared equally between Dovie and users. It also includes overlay advertising controls, so advertising managers can upload, schedule, cap, pace, and prioritize and target ads on a per-video basis. All account levels include unlimited impressions of hyperlinked banner and text overlays.

 "A generation from now, online video will be remembered like the Gutenberg press, something that gave life to a totally new era of communication and inspired a bottom-up approach to media.," said J.R. Storment, Dovie president and COO.

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