New WiFi Flip videocam will bow in 2010

It won’t be here for Christmas, so don’t rush to your stocking hoping it will be there, but it might be worth your while asking your Santa equivalent for a gift certificate to your favorite consumer electronics retailer.

While the newest iteration of the Flip Video Camera isn’t going to make it to retailers' shelves in time for the holiday rush, er, trickle that economists are predicting, the new WiFi version of the minicam should be on sale in the first quarter, new owner Cisco says. The networking giant bought Flip and its parent, Pure Digital, for $590 million early in 2009.

Pocket-lint says the new WiFi version will allow the camera to upload over any WiFi connection -- public or private -- adding that it will have a sliding screen (read: a bigger screen than the current two incher) with menu and record buttons underneath.

So now, you’ll be able to flip out your minicam, record life around you in HD, and uploaded your videos directly to your computer and the OVP of your choice.

Earlier this month, Cisco announced it was rolling out a multimillion dollar online and broadcast advertising combo for the little camera that could, featuring 30-second clips shot by users ranging from skateboard legend Tony Hawk to John and Jane Doe. The campaign’s focus is the quality of video users can get with the camera.

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