The New Yorker surveys the online video landscape; FCC chairman discusses peering disputes

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> The New Yorker's Ken Auletta looks at Netflix, YouTube and the online-video industry. Story

> FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler says he'll monitor disputes between ISPs and online video companies. Story

> VideoInk chronicles YouTube's original daily show, "YouTube Nation." Story

> TiVo agreed to acquire Digitalsmiths. Press release

> USA Network hires Alloy's Jeffrey Kaufman. Story  

> Incognito Software hires a new CTO, Pete Koat. Press release

> Snowden leaks reveal YouTube spying. Story

Cable news

> Comcast is getting ready to introduce a network DVR in Boston that will be similar to the one Cablevision launched in 2010. Read more

Wireless news

> Two Los Angeles TV stations will share the same channel to test whether such sharing is feasible after next year's planned 600 MHz spectrum auction. Read more

And finally... A deal to break up Time Warner Cable may be imminent. Reports suggest Comcast and Charter are discussing a deal that would see Comcast get some of Time Warner Cable's New York, New England and North Carolina systems while Charter would take the rest. If true, it would mean Charter could pull off the deal with significantly less debt, The Los Angeles Times reported. Read more