Ooyala says it'll support video on Apple's iPad at launch April 3

In this era of online video platform competition, it doesn't make sense to let grass grow before making improvements in your platform. That's why Ooyala today said it'll be ready to support the iPad with full video delivery when the much-anticipated Apple tablet hits the doorstep April 3.

"The iPad is more than just another connected device," says Bismarck Lepe, President of Product at Ooyala. "It's an innovation that will drive new ideas in portability and personalized media. We've supported native delivery of video to the iPhone for over a year now, and in that year we've seen huge growth in the amount of video consumed on the device. We expect that starting April 3rd, iPad will build on the success of iPhone and be another important online video device."

Ooyala's seamless integration with iPad will help newspapers, magazines and other publishers create rich and engaging iPad experiences for their readers, all managed with the same Ooyala video platform they use for their website.

Ooyala already helps publishers deliver video directly to iPod touch, iPhones and other connected devices. An intelligent video embed lets the Ooyala player automatically recognize each device and adjust video quality and format for the best possible viewing experience. This intelligent video embed has been a part of Backlot, Ooyala's video publishing platform, for over a year.

Publishers who already deliver video to iPhone will be able to deliver video immediately to iPad. Other publishers should contact their account managers to begin using the feature which can be enabled immediately.

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