PewDiePie rakes in $4M annually; Bollyvod launches in U.S. market

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YouTube will be the dominant media platform in five years, Dreamworks CEO  Jeffrey Katzenberg told a Cannes audience. Dreamworks, of course, has invested heavily in YouTube's multichannel network environment. Story

PewDiePie, aka Felix Kjellberg, is pulling in a cool $4 million a year with his YouTube-based game reviews--and is helping transform how video games are made and marketed. Story

What happens if Aereo wins? Some scenarios. Story

Meantime, time has slowed down at Aereo HQ, with hiring getting tougher and expansion plans on hold. But Aereo may actually have a plan B, if things don't go its way. Story

CBS and Viacom should consider getting back together, a WSJ story suggests.

Bollyvod, an online video service featuring movies and series from Bollywood's major studios, was launched in the U.S. this week by Swedish streaming platform provider Voddler. Release

Media giants, do you want to dominate online video in the future? Invest now, VICE's Eddy Moretti says. Story

Amazon is locked in a dispute with Warner Home Video, delaying preorders of The Lego Movie and other upcoming titles. Warner is the latest company, along with Hachette, to hold the line against Amazon and its share of suppliers' profits. Story

John Wilson, a former chair of the International Broadcasting Convention who guided IBC through its biggest period of growth, has passed away. Post

Some Netflix third-party search engines, like Fanhattan, will get a reprieve from the SVOD provider's cutoff of public access to its API. List

Broadcasters need to stop trying to keep the media market stuck in 20th Century business model, American Television Alliance spokesman Brian Frederick said in a Hill op-ed.

Microsoft will soon release Azure Machine Learning, a comprehensive predictive analysis service its customers can use for things like content recommendation--if all their data is stored on Azure servers. Story

And finally... Amazon Prime subscribers spend $538 per year on average, but one-third never use Prime Instant Video. Post