Report: Technology continues to change face of worldwide entertainment market

Developing online video technology is playing a key role in the shaping of the entertainment market and in creating new industry partnerships through convergence, says a new report from Research and Markets, "Global Digital Media--Entertainment Trends and Statistics."

The report forecasts that while YouTube will continue to be dominant in terms of pure pageviews, other business models-a la Hulu--designed to better monetize the interest in online videos are continuing to emerge as consumers begin to watch longer-form video content and accept advertising as part of the package.

Consumers also are driving a trend toward web-based broadband video applications rather than IP-based TV, which-in combination with tightened consumer spending--could deter telcos from continuing to promote IPTV coverage over the next couple of years.

The report also points out that, while the U.S. and Europe have the most advanced television markets-China is an emerging market that has enormous potential, specifically as Internet entertainment options have exploded there in recent years as an increasing segment of the population has gained access to the Internet.

Among the report's highlights:

  • The increasing popularity of online video across different mediums will lead to a greater demand for quality content delivery networks that can deliver and distribute content effectively.
  • Digital media is undermining the traditional media's privileges and their grip on their monopolies. prompting a race for a position in the new Internet economy.
  • The most popular online entertainment services include gambling/gaming, online dating, online music, online video and social media.
  • TVs and game consoles are becoming available that can stream movies and content straight from the Internet - examples include a flat panel display developed by Vizio and Microsoft's Xbox360.
  • Many countries are switching from analogue to digital, as government mandated switch over dates approach.
  • Although the pay TV market in Latin America is still small, the long-term outlook is positive, particularly in view of convergence opportunities, the gradual upgrading of cable networks from analogue to digital, and the efforts to reduce signal piracy throughout the region.
  • Improvements in fiber infrastructure and the emergence of wireless broadband access and 3G mobile systems are finally opening the way for digital media in Africa.

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