Roku advises patience as OTT-delivered video picks up speed

Set-top box maker Roku says patience  may be as important as innovation in the near term, as online video continues to find its way onto home television sets and OTT makers learn to work with cable companies and programming networks. The company's vice president for development, Jim Funk, told the Washington Post that the seemingly glacial uptake by the cable industry has more to do with cable's business model than with available technology. But, he said, it's will change.

"If you look at networks and cable networks, they have a lot of infrastructure and shows that are expensive to use," Funk told the WP. "Revenue to do that comes from today's model from the cable and satellite bill. The model on the Internet doesn't have the same subscriber base and revenue. For them to take all existing shows and move to the Internet would potentially result in at least near term a significant drop in revenue. That is changing, but that comes with growth of audience."

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