Rumor mill: Google TV looking to launch YouTube TV channel

If you can't join 'em beat 'em. Google TV has been a hard sell to Hollywood studios wary that it would undermine the value of their content and make shows like Glee and Dancing with the Stars more prone to piracy. Turns out there may be more behind that story last week that saw ABC, CBS and BNC block their content from appearing on Google's new offering.

The folks from Google have been busy pitching Google TV to advertising agencies up and down Madison Avenue, explaining the hows and whys and wherefores and, it turns out, suggesting that the agencies also take a hard look at YouTube... as a full-fledged TV channel.

As the New York Post so aptly put it: "YouTube wants to be the boob tube."

The Post said Google is pushing the site-best known for its user-generated content-as a landing pad for big-screen advertising, not just the online slice it's been attracting.

Google has more than just UGC, though, including its own library of movies and professional generated programming.

Nonetheless, a Google source told the Post, "The best content doesn't have to be created in a studio or on the backlot."

For more:
- see this New York Post article

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