ScanScout says 'super pre-roll ads' are engaging viewers

Online video ad company ScanScout says an internal study shows that its Super Pre-Roll video ads, which are interactive and are designed to engage users in a lean-in experience, are outperforming standard pre-roll ads in the in-stream video advertisers network by 350 percent over the same time period.

ScanScout, which this week was named to FierceOnlineVideo's Fierce 15 for 2009 list, launched its Super Pre-Roll unit in October. The ads feature interactive elements that are designed to compel viewers to actively become engaged in the ads, like this one from Vaseline.

"Traditional pre-roll offers a one-sided experience that does not take full advantage of the Internet's interactive capabilities. Viewers' interactions with regular pre-roll are limited to just a click-to-site action, regardless of the advertiser's campaign goals," said Bill Day, CEO of ScanScout. "Super Pre-Roll offers various interactive elements within the video ad so that we can create an environment that is more compelling for viewers and valuable for brands."

ScanScout also this week announced its ad network had grown beyond 1,000 sites after coming to terms with a number of publishers for in-stream advertising play.

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