SkitterTV offers streaming live TV in Portland, Ore.

SkitterTV has established a beachhead for streaming live TV over the Internet to Roku and WD TV connected devices. The company so far is only offering the service in Portland, Ore., but reports say it plans to expand to five more markets by the end of the quarter and, eventually, to offer it across the U.S.

GigaOm reported that the service will cost between $12 and $15 monthly.

SkitterTV debuted with a hybrid IPTV/over-the-top platform in 2009 and has scored several wins with Tier 3 telcos over the past couple of years.

The new service is being offered to Roku owners on a private channel; WD TV owners access the programming through an app. Portland customers have access to 10 live channels, GigaOm said, including CBS, NBC, ABC, Fox and the local PBS affiliate. SkitterTV plans to offer additional broadcast-over-the-air channels and 10 channels of niche programming that aren't over the air. Those channels will also be available in other markets.

SkitterTV told GigaOm that it had the necessary retransmission licenses in place for Portland, and it would only offer its subscriptions in markets where it is partnering with a telco provider.

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