Sorenson launches OVP it says is enterprise ready

Sorenson Media this week unveiled a new version of its Sorenson 360 video management platform, taking aim at the enterprise marketSorenson Media 360 v2 and making no bones about its belief that its own enterprise success gives it the chops to make waves in an OVP space that's dominated by Brightcove and Ooyala.

"We helped mainstream online video," said Sorenson CEO Peter Csathy. "We understand the needs of the companies in this market. People say to us, 'You guys are SMB focused, you're focused on the needs of the solo video practitioner.' But we've always been ensconced in the enterprise space as a company, always.

"We are going squarely now, and by design, after the enterprise space. We're going after Brightcove and all others in this space and we believe we have a differentiated story: a trusted brand, a significant mass of customer base--including Fortune 500 companies--who are looking for more solutions from us. And we can get a seat at the table with them because they know us, and we've been long-term profitable and rock solid with this business."

Sorenson will rely on its white-label platform, Sorenson 360 v2, to carry the load. The platform, which is coming to market one year after the company's initial launch into the OVP market, offers a host of new features that makes it an interesting proposition for big online video players.

"Out of the box, as part of our default offering, you have complete video management all in one dashboard; auto generation of playlist capability, RTMP streaming with unlimited data rates, the ability to customize white label video players down to the pixel, with complete branding including branding adjacent to the player, branding in the player, watermarking," said Eric Quanstrom, VP of marketing and strategy. "We've gone the full mile on providing the ability for businesses to deploy videos across any number of websites with a really streamlined approach."

It's an approach the company is counting on to help differentiate it from the dozens of other OVPs fighting for traction in the market.

"We believe our new features are those that the enterprise need; our interface is faster, more flexible and easier to use for many video assets; and our pricing is considerably more transparent and cost-effective. We feel we are playing some of the strongest cards in the OVP deck," said Csathy. 

Sorenson is offering 360 v2 as a pay-as-you-go service that it believes is scalable and a cost-effective option for enterprises.

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