Synacor's turnaround relies on deeper engagement, top-line growth

Watching multiscreen vendor Synacor flail in the video market just over two years ago was akin to sitting through a nail-biting thriller featuring a heavy dose of board meetings. At some points, it was hard to watch. But the company has executed a calculated turnaround that resulted in $110 million in revenue for 2015 and healthy guidance for 2016 of $125 to $130 million in revenue.

"The goal we've always had was to return the company to profitable growth, which is great. It's a good financial metric," CEO Himesh Bhise tells FierceCable Editor Daniel Frankel in a new Hot Seat interview.

At one point Synacor was lining itself up directly against Adobe Primetime, offering services like TV Everywhere auto-authentication for pay-TV providers during the 2014 Sochi Winter Games (while Primetime was doing authentication for NBC Sports' TV Everywhere app). Now, Bhise says, Synacor has deepened its reach into different parts of the multiscreen video market through acquisition, such as its recent purchase of ad platform Technorati, expanded its top line dramatically, and boosted recurring service fees.

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