Telco teams with Flip, Cisco to push video marketing for small business owners

U.K. telco BT has set sail on a unique tack to get more businesses to use videos online, teaming up with Flip and Cisco on a promotion that will get more of the popular mini-video cameras into the hands of businesses on its BT Tradespace, an online social business network.

BT just launched the 2.0 version of the site, which is designed to be friendlier to businesses looking to trial online video as part of their marketing mix. As part of the Flip campaign, BT points out that nearly four times as many visitors (59 percent) spend five minutes or more on a website with video than on a website without video (15 percent). It's steering users to Flip because it's simple enough to get users started quickly in video production. BT also is promising ongoing support and advice on making videos (check out its how-to video here).

Ivan Croxford, general manager of Digital Marketing Services at BT Business, said: "Online video advertising is continuing to grow as more and more people are using engaging video content to help get their unique personalities across online. We are now giving businesses on BT Tradespace a simple, effective way to market themselves using video."

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