thePlatform takes mpx video management system out of beta as TVE ramps up

Just a few months after rolling out its mpx video management system in beta, OVP thePlatform is formally releasing the public version, which has been three years in the making and should help accelerate the rollout of TV Everywhere products from its parent Comcast, as well as service providers like Cox, Cablevision, Time Warner Cable and Canada's Rogers Communications.

The company said it has been tweaking mpx since its pre-launch earlier this year, developing mpx to be the convergence of an efficient user interface model with mature, flexible online video management technologies.

In a blog post, thePlatform CEO Ian Blaine said an evolving marketplace prompted the company to innovate rapidly, without interrupting the flow of video.

"Our customers' businesses were maturing rapidly and their needs required a faster pace of innovation from us," he wrote. "And the projects we saw on the horizon would require enterprise-class reliability to handle billions of video views every month, which is something you need to design for from day one."

Blaine said mpx isn't a revamping of a system currently in place, but a new product, one designed "not from scratch, but with a playbook based on years of experience with demanding customers who constantly pushed the envelope,' built on a service-oriented architecture.

Blaine told Broadcast & Cable the release will "make it much easier to deliver content to more devices. The promise of TV Everywhere is the everywhere part, which means getting content to more devices. That hasn't been as easy as it should be because different devices require different formats and different media protection schemes. This new release addresses that complexity and makes it simple for content owners and distributors to deliver content to more places."

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