Tremor Media launched nextgen online video monetization platform

Tremor Media has launched the beta version of Acudeo, its next generation "Video Monetization Platform" In English, a video ad management platform for scheduling and dynamically delivering both in-stream and overlay ad formats from multiple ad sources.   It's a solution Tremor decided to build after encountering a lack of standards (Hmm, where have we heard that today…) in online video advertising.

Acudeo integrates with content management systems and playlists as well as multiple ad servers, with scheduling done from a central console. The platform insures compliance with the newly-released IAB Digital Video Ad Format Guidelines; following the guidelines will help publishers simplify operations for delivery and playback, measurement, ad tracking, billing and reporting.

Features designed for maximizing revenue include a component to integrate Acudeo's "monetization functionality" into existing video applications and advanced ad rotation and cascading ad tag capabilities that allow publishers to define an unlimited number of failover tags. Acudeo also incorporates Google's AdSense for Video.

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