Unicorn Media wants to help push video on Twitter

Unicorn Media is promoting its ability to help video content owners handle the demands Twitter's content embedding function puts on publishers. The company says its cloud-based, dynamic ad-insertion technology can be used to put fresh ads in videos embedded in Twitter Player Cards and make sure viewers can actually see the video no matter what device they're using.

"Working within the frameworks of Twitter's environment, which are very stringent, we allow our publishers to get there without having to do anything extra," like build a complicated client-side solution, said David Morel, Unicorn's chief strategy officer.

Publishers are interested in embedding more of their video on Twitter in part because they're able to sell ads with it, Morel said. "They're finding it easy to fill the inventory they have available," he said. 

So far, Unicorn has three major clients using the product already and is hoping to attract more, Morel said.

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