Verizon FiOS adds more Time Warner channels to its online video offering

Verizon's FiOS TV is continuing to expand its online video content offerings, adding Time Warner's Adult Swim, Cartoon Network and TruTV to its FiOS TV Online service. In June, FiOS added Time Warner sub Turner Broadcasting's TNT and TBS.

The move adds a little more verve to Time Warner's TV Everywhere push.

FiOS customers who subscribe to both FiOS TV and FiOS Internet will be able to watch the programs on their personal computers or laptops using any broadband connection.

Verizon last week also caused a minor stir when it demonstrated how it would like to bring live programming to Apple's iPad. That project, although technically ready to go, has a number of content rights hurdles to clear before it can be released. Verizon execs contend that content on the iPad, as long as it's used in a subscriber's home, shouldn't require the telco to pay content owners additionally, as the content already is paid for. Content owners are likely to feel differently.

The new deal with Time Warner should prove easier to move forward.

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