ViaClix joins the rush to get online video to TV

Another day, another set top box promising true convergence of online video and your television. This time it's ViaClix, ViaClix TV-Link WiFi Routerwhich launched its product today at VentureBeat's DEMO2010, promising it "sets a new standard for Internet content delivery systems by bringing crisp and clear Internet access, email, chat, video conferencing, movies, television, games, and much more directly to any television set."

ViaClix offers several products, and says its box can integrate with any Pay TV system. It also offers a home router, called TV-Link, that sends Internet content directly to televisions via WiFi for viewing.

The Los Gatos, Calif.-based company, which has raised some $4 million in seed funding, jumps into a crowded field on the OTT delivery front, facing off with the likes of Boxee, Vudu and another recent entry, Kylo. On the horizon: Google TV, which is a game changer on a number of levels and which has to have smaller OTT delivery players quaking in their not-quite converged boots.

TV-Link connects to your TV using cables included in the box, and a CD installs a UI on your PC that allows you to connect to TV-Link and choose the TV on which you plan to watch your online content.

No word yet on whether Hulu has blocked it.

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