VMIX launches analytics suite that offers granular, real-time look at data

San Diego-based online video platform VMIX has launched a new set of video analytics and reporting tools that it says will give vmix analytics suite publishers the ability to track and evaluate the performance of specific videos and make immediate decisions on how best to refine their use across a website.

"The new video analytics suite can tell companies precisely which videos are being viewed, how they're being viewed and when," said CTO and co-founder Greg Kostello. "By being able to test and measure a video's performance, a publisher will be able to take that information, evaluate it and monetize their media more effectively."

VMIX says its new suite-enabled by their partnership with CDN Akamai--gives it the ability to offer best-in-class video analytics that "pushes the envelope on what is available to publishers," said VP of Marketing Bill Curci. "Everyone wants to be able to measure--to a granular level--what their media is doing, what their ROI is. This new suite does just that."

The suite allows users to create reports that are updated continuously in near-real time that can be shared among a user group or made public simply by embedding the report code. The breadth and depth of the data is what has VMIX execs excited.

"It allows you to seeing what's happening not just on one site, but on many sites," said Kostello. "It helps you to see things you haven't been able to see before in minute detail." Reports can be customized to track the correlation between loads and plays, viewer engagement, and how popular a video is on each site on which it appears.

The reports help organizations:

  • Track and compare multiple metrics over time in a single graphic or data-table view;
  • Build highly focused, personalized reports that can be exported and embedded to display dynamic, up-to-the-minute data; and,
  • Create custom reporting dashboards on company intranets or any website, allowing stakeholders and partners to see up-to-date video analytics

Said Ian Miller, VMIX's technical product manager: "For those customers who are data driven, this will be extremely exciting. For a sales group in one of the partner organizations to be able to place an overlay at the point before dropoff on a particular video, and to be able to show that to a customer, well, that's critical. This suite allows them to do that, and to share real time date is they want to."

Curci said the suite is a tool that organizations have been looking for to help them maximize their ROI on their video play, and, he says, he believes it give VMIX an edge in the space, even as Brightcove and Ooyala have increased their own analytic capabilities.

"We're the only one in the industry that has this, period," he said. "Nobody else has anything like this." The suite is being offered to customers at no additional charge, Curci said, and will be available this week.

Added Kostello, "We think we'll have rapid adoption on this. This is what people have been looking for, analytics at the next level. It goes above and beyond."

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