Will Kindle Fire blunt iPad's streaming video edge?; Cisco closes BNI Video deal

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> Sales of Apple's iPad 2 may be forecast to slow down, but it's still the best-in-class mobile media device on the market with a 70 percent share, says Forrester Research, and the one that users increasingly are turning to for online video consumption. Amazon, which this week began shipping its own tablet, the $199 Kindle Fire, is hoping it can take a bite out of Apple's lead. Article

> Norwegian vendor Bridge Technologies has been tabbed by Chilean telecom Telefónica del Sur to provide advanced digital media monitoring services for the telco's IPTV services. Article

> Texas telephone cooperative Santa Rosa Telephone has opted to switch to Innovative Systems Middleware running on the APMAX hardware platform for its IPTV offering. Article

> Cisco has wrapped up its acquisition of BNI Video, increasing its ability to offer service providers better management of multiscreen delivery, improving both back-office management and content delivery network (CDN) analytics capabilities. Article

> A proposal by the Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau mandating VoIP outage reporting requirements is drawing fire from cable and telephone trade organizations, which contend the new requirements "significant economic burdens" on ISPs and other VoIP providers. Article

> Talk about dominating... new research from Infonetics shows that 96 percent of service providers asked to pick the top two global SBC vendors named Acme Packet, and 26 percent of respondents named only the Bedford, Mass.-based company. Article

> AT&T is pushing deeper into the exploding videoconferencing market, offering new service bundling options for telepresence, and new features and scheduling capabilities, which allow for greater connectivity and unification across disparate video conferencing systems. Article

And finally... Police in Boulder, Colo., have solved the mystery of how a severed bison head ended up on a decorative rock in someone's front yard. It belongs to somebody who lives in the home but forgot to tell his roommates about it. Article