Yahoo introduces Yahoo Screen site, app

Yahoo has introduced Yahoo Screen, a site and app hub for all its media content, and added some original content to it.

Beyond the original content, the app and site include licensed content like "Saturday Night Live" clips and clips from Conde Nast, ABC News, Comedy Central, The Onion and others.

Yahoo isn't exactly a newcomer to producing and distributing original online video. Its "Burning Love" series lampooned unscripted broadcast TV hits like "The Bachelor" to much critical acclaim. The new batch of content includes "The Fuzz," featuring puppet detectives and drug dealers who look a lot like Muppets and bleed fluid which matches their fur.

Also introduced were "Tiny Commando," starring Zachary Levi and Ed Helms, "Losing it with John Stamos," "We Need Help" with Cheryl Hines and "The Flip Side." Episodes of each are short: They range from just a few minutes to up to 20 minutes.

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