YouTube's video-uploads-per-minute milestone pales next to Ustream, and Livestream

Even more minutiae about the amount of video being uploaded to sites on the Internet after yesterday's report that YouTube was seeing 24 hours of video uploaded to its site every 60 seconds: Live streaming sites Ustream, Livestream and all say they do more.

Ryan Lawler at NewTeeVee reports that in an email from Max Haot, CEO at Livestream, the exec says the company processes about 26.6 hours of video every minute in the form of the 1,600 concurrent streams that are ingested each day.

An article on recently reported more than 30 hours of live stream being uploaded each minute.

But all three companies pale in comparison to Ustream, which says it sees about 120 million live video stream each month, or 53.3 hours of video each minute.

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