Dish techs farmed out to Samsung to fix washing machines

Washing Machines
With satellite TV business declining, Dish said it has "gradually expanded the capabilities of our trusted technicians."

Dish Network has confirmed that its contracting out some of its technicians to service Samsung washing machines. 

“Dish is working with Samsung as an authorized repair partner, providing convenient, in-home washing machine repair for impacted customers nationwide,” the satellite TV operator said in a statement. “As an authorized repair partner, we’ve worked with Samsung to develop training for Dish technicians, which includes hands-on experience.”

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Samsung issued a recall of 3 million top-loading washing machines last year, giving owners the option of having a tech visit them at their residence for repair. 

The Korean electronics giant enlisted Dish as one of its partners. Dish, which also put its techs to work on smartphone repair projects, has seen steady declines in its linear satellite TV business for the last 10 quarters.

“With highly-skilled technicians capable of reaching any home in the U.S. on any given day, Dish’s flexible workforce was well-positioned to quickly respond to Samsung’s needs,” Dish added. “Over the years, we’ve gradually expanded the capabilities of our trusted technicians. Today, we assist Dish and non-Dish customers with the nuts and bolts of TV, audio and in-home wireless networks installation, as well as smartphone repair.”

Not necessarily a partisan of the pay-TV industry, The Consumerist interviewed several of its readers, who reported unsatisfactory outcomes for their Dish-repaired Samsung washers. In fact, one claimed that the visiting Dish technician also tried to sell him satellite TV services.