Akamai upgrades content security measures at the edge

Akamai Technologies
All of the watermarking solution providers are part of Akamai’s Media Technology Partner program. (Akamai Technologies)

Akamai today revealed some new features and upgrades for the content security solutions within its edge network, including new watermarking partners.

The company is already addressing common pirate attack vectors such as credential theft, system hacking, rebroadcasting stolen streams and VPN abuse, but now it includes several third-party watermarking solutions. The company has partnered with ContentArmor Forensic Watermarking, Friend MTS ASiD Watermarking, INKA Entworks PallyCon Forensic Watermarking, Irdeto TraceMark, NAGRA NexGuard Forensic Watermarking and Verimatrix Watermarking (StreamMark version).

“With partners that support A/B watermarking, Akamai has taken a further step of integrating their capabilities into our edge network. This allows customers to realize the added benefit of Akamai’s scale, reach, and performance. Otherwise, watermarking is offered as a joint solution,” Akamai wrote in a blog post.

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All of the watermarking solution providers are part of Akamai’s Media Technology Partner program, which was built to foster interoperability, and referral agreements between Akamai and third-party solutions providers give customers options in selecting workflow components.

Akamai’s Access Revocation solution, which lets rights holders immediately stop video streams that are unauthorized or the source of piracy, can also now work on its own or integrated with either the Friend MTS or NAGRA watermarking solutions as part of a “prevent-discover-enforce” content security posture.

The company said that though it’s seen a greater sense of urgency when it comes to securing live events, its combined solutions also work well for linear/simulcast streaming and video on demand use cases.