Kantar recruits Google, Roku for ‘Project Moonshot’ ad impact initiative

Kantar said it now has operational partnerships or is in advanced testing with nine of the top 10 digital publishers. (islandjoe/CC BY 2.0)

Kantar, a data, insights and consulting company, said it's established direct data integrations with Google, Pandora and others for “Project Moonshot,” its ad impact measurement initiative.

Kantar has integrated data from in-game ad platform Anzu to assess the impact of advertising on brand and sales, and set up “cookie-less measurement partnerships” with companies including Dish, Pinterest, Roku, Snap, Spotify and Twitter.

The company said it now has operational partnerships or is in advanced testing with nine of the top 10 digital publishers and 15 of the top 20 apps and is in advanced onboarding discussions with more than 50 other publishers. The company is hoping for the initiative to represent 95% of global digital ad spend by integrating 250 publishers into cross-publisher measurement on the platform by the end of 2021. 

“Project Moonshot” was designed to meet a series of goals: establish a privacy compliant data and technology platform to migrate industry from cookie-based measurement to direct publisher integrations; independent ad effectiveness measurement of individual publishers and media companies; independent ad effectiveness measurement across all publishers within a media plan; and consistent measurement of advertising effectiveness across all platforms, including social media platforms and walled gardens.

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“As digital grows, it’s even more important that publishers can defend their ad revenues with an independent view of performance for advertisers. The gradual removal of third-party cookies from the digital landscape means that methods of online ad effectiveness tracking need to evolve, in a privacy-compliant way. We know that advertisers would ideally like cross-publisher ad effectiveness measurement, and Kantar’s Project Moonshot is making giant steps in that direction,” said Jane Ostler, global lead for advertising effectiveness, in a statement.

“Our direct partnership with Kantar is focused on making TV ads more targeted and measurable,” said Gaurav Shirole, director ad measurement at Roku, in a statement. “As we enter the streaming decade, platforms like OneView built on a consumer connection are designed to best help advertisers shift spend to streaming.”