Merkle targets secure interoperability for addressable marketing

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Merkury is also working with Xandr, AT&T’s advanced advertising and analytics business, on cross-screen insights for advanced TV and digital. (StockSnap/CCO)

Marketing agency Merkle is introducing Merkury, an identity resolution and data platform focused on secure interoperability for addressable marketing.

The company said the new product is built for supporting first-party, “private identity graphs” for both brands and publishers.

“Consumer privacy and the death of the third-party cookie are changing the rules for digital and cross-channel marketing,” said John Lee, president of Merkury, in a statement. “Going forward, both marketers and publishers will begin with their first-party relationships to create owned, private identity graphs that generate addressability while maintaining their own intellectual property. These brands will be able to network their private graphs with partners and publishers in a way that increases addressability for all in a privacy safe way. Merkury’s mission is to serve as a neutral technology enabler of the private graph, supporting seamless interoperability between brands, publishers, and technology platforms.”

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Merkury’s launch coincides with the integration of its private identity graph capability with technology partners, including MediaMath, Index Exchange, and SourcePoint, who will automate the programmatic trading of marketer and publisher private graph IDs. Merkury will be launching in partnership with publishers including Meredith, Pandora and iHeartMedia’s SmartAudio.

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“The market is accelerating toward a world where cookies are no longer a solution. We are aligned with Merkury’s perspective and direction on the future of private graphs powered by great partners,” said Alysia Borsa, executive vice president and chief business and data officer at Meredith, in a statement.

Merkury is also working with Xandr, AT&T’s advanced advertising and analytics business, on cross-screen insights for advanced TV and digital.

“Merkle’s launch of Merkury speaks to a major industry challenge and opportunity to build direct connections to consumers through unique, first-party insights, in a privacy-safe way,” said Jason Brown, chief revenue officer for Xandr, in a statement. “Xandr today delivers results for clients by working with Merkury to power smarter TV and digital campaigns. As demand increases for integrated cross-screen experiences across linear, addressable TV, and digital, we find ourselves in a unique position to meet buyer demand with Merkury.”

To strengthen its identity and data assets, Merkle recently acquisition 4Cite Marketing, whose first-party identity resolution capabilities will be integrated into Merkury’s private graph solution for brands.