SSIMWAVE adds support for Dolby Vision

SSIMWAVE's technology is based on independent tests of more than 100,000 human views. (Pixabay)

SSIMWAVE, a company specializing in quality of experience for video content, is adding the ability inspect Dolby Vision content for file-based streaming environments.

The company’s VOD Monitor Inspector now offers SSIMPLUS viewer scores of Dolby Vision source and output files, which allows for more control of HDR quality by providing a better idea of what viewers will experience on any screen. SSIMWAVE will monitor the quality of Dolby Vision content across the distribution ecosystem.

“We are proud to play an important role in the Dolby Vision ecosystem,” said Dr. Abdul Rehman, president and co-founder of SSIMWAVE, in a statement. “Our company and our advanced technology exist to preserve artistic intent, so that the consumer receives the ultimate viewing experience.”

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SSIMWAVE’s SSIMPLUS platform uses its proprietary technology to let content companies compare different encoders, transcoders and packages.

"SSIMPLUS is a proprietary algorithm that mimics the human visual system, incorporating the biology of how we see and the neuroscience on how we react," SSIMWAVE Vice President of Accounts Dianne Mercer told FierceVideo. "We’ve put it into a platform for the media and entertainment processing and delivery business.”

"Encoders are the most important, as they do the biggest transformation of the content," she added. "Then transcoders, followed by packagers. A lesser role—but one that is growing—is for service level agreements when content providers are working with third party workflow providers, including encoding, transcoder and packaging vendors. This involves setting and meeting vendor objectives … including SLAs for validating source inputs and for handing-off outputs for any stage/company in the workflow."