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Fixed Wireless – Broadband over the Air

Fixed Wireless is a technology coming into its own as a broadband access network. It provides a simple, quick and cost-effective solution to serving customers not easily accessed by traditional networks. The equipment required to deploy FW is readily available and, in a growing number of business models may be installed by the subscriber himself.

Scaling a Network with Simple, Modular Solutions

An important consideration when increasing the capacity of a network is how well any new equipment will mesh with existing infrastructure. A prudent approach may be to use products designed to successfully move a network provider and its end-users into the future, while taking advantage of already-deployed assets.

Simple Solutions Contribute to Sustainability

Sustainability is no longer a casual design consideration or a “check box” on a form, but rather it is something to be thought of in every area of a service provider’s business. Bold initiatives are those that may have large and immediate impacts on a company’s business and bottom line. While others, though seemingly simple, can likewise produce incredible results when viewed in the aggregate.