24i Media continues M&A binge with StreamOne acquisition

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This is 24i’s third acquisition in 12 months. (Getty)

24i Media has been on an M&A hot streak lately, and the video app developer is keeping that momentum going by announcing Thursday that it’s acquiring media technology provider StreamOne.

StreamOne, founded in 2012, offers a suite of tools for multiplatform, multidevice publishing of videos along with an interface offering integrations with third-parties for publishers and broadcasters. StreamOne is currently used by TMG in the Netherlands for all of its video applications.

“The acquisition of StreamOne’s technology is a leap forward for 24i in its ambition to innovate and optimize the user experience, user interaction and consumer value of tomorrow’s OTT services,” said Martijn van Horssen, CEO at 24i, in a statement. “The StreamOne architecture and expertise throughout the OTT production chain improves our cooperation with and services to our strategic partners. StreamOne’s technology stack also accelerates our product roadmap with new modular functionalities and strengthens the architecture of our technology stack.”

This is 24i’s third acquisition in twelve months. In May 2018, the company acquired Mautilus, the Czech TV app agency specializing in HbbTV and applications for multiple devices. In March 2018, acquired Vigour, a multiscreen video platform provider.

24i said the acquisitions are part of its strategic plan to build out its OTT offerings for customers and partners, and provide better asset management, efficiencies and monetization.

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24i services works with media companies, networks, broadcasters, operators and content owners including RTL, Viacom and VEO. Last year, Sinclair tapped 24i to help launch its new Tennis Channel app. Sinclair used 24i’s SmartTemplate solution and proprietary App Core technology platform to customize and repurpose the user interface.

Last year, 24i partnered with Ooyala to launch OoyalaREACH, an integrated and configurable OTT content preparation and delivery solution, which combines 24i’s SmartOTT and Backstage solution with the Ooyala Flex Media Platform.