Amazon latest to launch DVR for free over-the-air channels

Fire TV Recast. (Amazon)

Today, Amazon became the latest company to introduce a DVR device for recording free over-the-air broadcast channels.

Fire TV Recast lets users watch, record and replay over-the-air TV programming on Fire TV, Echo Show, and on compatible Fire tablet, iOS and Android devices. To do so, users will have to connect an HD antenna.

The device lets users record up to four shows at once and stream to any two compatible devices at a time. Amazon said it built in advanced wireless technology that automatically optimizes the use of bandwidth.

The Fire TV companion app lets users watch live and recorded content while away from home, either via Wi-Fi or a cellular network connection. The Recast has 500 GB of storage and can hold up to 75 hours of video.

“We are focused on making Fire TV an easy way to watch all the entertainment you love, whether it’s through streaming video services, cable and satellite providers, or even local broadcast stations,” said Marc Whitten, vice president of Amazon Fire TV, in a statement. “Now with Fire TV Recast, we’ve made it simpler to find, watch, and record live over-the-air TV at home and on your mobile devices.”

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The announcement today confirms reports from last month that Amazon was working on a DVR to take on industry stalwarts like TiVo. It also makes Amazon the latest company to put out a DVR built for recording free over-the-air broadcast television. Earlier this month, AirTV officially announced its "Local Channels DVR" feature.

In a busy day for Amazon, the company also announced several new updates and add-on products for its Echo lineup including a new Echo Show with a bigger screen and improved sound. The device also includes integrations with Hulu and NBC that allow users to view live television on the device and use Alexa voice commands to control the viewing experience. The Echo Show is compatible with the Recast.