Apple quietly reduces price for Hulu plans purchased through iTunes

Hulu first began offering its commercial-free service tier back in 2015. (Hulu)

Hulu commercial-free subscribers who bought the service through iTunes will soon be able to start paying the same $11.99 per month that other subscribers to the service pay.

Hulu has begun sending emails to subscribers who pay for service on iOS/tvOS devices through iTunes billing that their monthly price will decrease from $13.99 per month to $11.99.

Some subscription services purchased using an iOS or tvOS device have typically cost more because of additional transaction charges associated with iTunes. But now it appears that those transaction charges will no longer be applied to Hulu’s commercial-free tier.

Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Hulu first began offering its commercial-free service tier back in 2015.

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"Many of our customers have asked us for a commercial-free option, and so today we are excited to introduce just that," then-CEO Mike Hopkins said in a blog post.

Hulu’s limited commercials option still costs $7.99 per month, but right now the company is offering a limited-time deal where the service costs $5.99 per month for the first year.

This year, Hulu also began offering a live TV service that includes access to Hulu’s on-demand library and original series. The service is priced at $39.99 per month and includes access to all content that comes with a traditional $7.99-per-month Hulu subscription. Customers can upgrade to the commercial-free on-demand tier for an additional $4 per month.