Dolan-backed advanced ad shop 605 partners with Silicon Valley metadata firm Hive

Kristin Dolan
605 co-founder Kristin Dolan. (605)

LAS VEGAS—The advanced advertising shop co-founded by former Cablevision execs Kristin Dolan and Ben Tatta, 605, has announced a partnership with Silicon Valley-based TV metadata firm Hive to fuse their data collection and analytics tools.

The partnership was announced Monday at the NAB Show. 

First the peanut butter: 605 delivers audience analytics, which it says is anonymous, based on large data sets. The company uses a census-level approach versus sampling and claims to deliver more accurate, granular information. The company’s investors include Charter Communications, which also uses 605’s data.

Now the chocolate: Founded by Stanford-trained computer scientist Kevin Guo, Hive monitors more than 200 TV channels in the U.S. and Europe, tagging every second of content using a proprietary scheme. 

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“Hive Media can recognize in-show advertising and products by brand and type, anywhere they happen on television,” a joint press release said. “Whether it is a brand’s storefront signage in a scene of the latest episode of ‘Billions,’ to a logo on the boards of a New York Rangers hockey game, to a logo on a golfer’s hat during coverage of the Masters Tournament, Hive Media is able to identify that brand impression and 605 can help them assign a value to that impression.”

Under the agreement, 605 will fuse its aggregated viewership data with Hive’s tagged TV content to deliver analytics for brand exposure, audience engagement and tune-in/tune-out and conversion. 

“Hive Media’s ability to capture both paid and earned brand exposure on more than 200 linear channels is truly unique,” said Tatta, co-founder and president of 605, in a statement. “This partnership is an important step forward in our effort to fill the measurement void in television and to provide clients with deeper, more valuable insights into the impact of TV.”

Added Guo: “Having 605 as our partner will be invaluable in this process. When we combine our tagged content with 605’s viewership data, we can extract incredibly powerful insights to help broadcasters and brands optimize their on-screen strategies.”