Google, Adobe and Oracle join on for Comscore’s connected TV audience platform

Comscore is extending Activation's audience segments across connected TV. (FierceWireless)

Google, Adobe and Oracle have all joined on for Comscore’s new connected TV audience segments that align with Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Tech Lab guidelines.

Comscore's connected TV activation solution follows the IAB Tech Lab's guidelines for Identifiers for Advertising (IFA) instead of relying on internet protocol (IP) addresses. IFA is designed to better protect consumer privacy and delivery an improved ad experience for consumers across all connected TV supply. 

"We're excited to see Comscore adopting the IAB's shared industry guidelines for creating high-quality and privacy-safe connected TV advertising experiences," said Deepti Bhatnagar, group product manager at Google Display and Video 360, in statement. "These are fundamental building blocks to ensure the Connected TV ecosystem continues to evolve in a way that serves all of our stakeholders, and our connected TV users first and foremost."

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"With traditional viewing habits ever evolving, brands are looking to connected TV campaigns to increase awareness, as this medium continues to grow in importance, sophistication and scale," said Keith Eadie, vice president of Adobe Advertising Cloud, in a statement. "With Comscore, our joint customers can continue to make strategic investments in this exciting space."

Comscore's Activation solution suite includes a set of audience and contextual segments that help advertisers reach specific demographics, personas, and TV and OTT audiences across desktop and mobile platforms. Now Comscore is extending Activation's audience segments across connected TV.

"Connected TV has become the clear future medium for advertising, as it offers the broad reach and big screen allure as traditional TV, with the precision and measurability of addressable and digital," said Rachel Gantz, general manager of Activation at Comscore, in a statement. "We are excited and proud to be leading the charge on bringing privacy-focused connected TV targeting to market, and to help our media buying partners make more strategic, impactful programmatic investments."