Roku and Kroger form shopper data program for advertisers

During the most recent quarter, Roku added 2.9 million incremental active accounts to raise its total to 39.8 million. (Roku)

Roku is tapping Kroger for help in launching a new shopper data program to offer more targeted and measurable advertising for consumer packaged goods (CPG) marketers.

Kroger Precision Marketing (KPM) plans to join the program as the launch partner to build targeting and attribution tools for streaming TV. Once the companies complete the integration, marketers will have access to Kroger data science for targeting and closed-loop attribution to measure campaign performance across the Roku platform. Roku will also develop tools to measure the effectiveness of linear TV. KPM said it can help marketers segment messages to high-volume category buyers, customers who occasionally buy a category, or those who buy a complementary category.

The new shopper data program will provide Kroger sales information to marketers, which will be able to use the program to activate advertising across hundreds of ad-supported channels on Roku’s streaming platform and to tie ad exposure to in-store and online sales.

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“We believe that all TV ads will be targeted and measurable,” said Alison Levin, vice president of ad sales and strategy at Roku, in a statement. “Our new shopper data program will make it easier and more effective for CPG advertisers to shift spend to streaming and focus on value for every ad dollar spent.”

“Kroger Precision Marketing is eager to help advertisers understand exactly how their TV investment impacts sales. TV streaming brings digital-like precision to the big screen. We are excited for the opportunity to work with Roku because of its scale and direct consumer relationship,” said Cara Pratt, vice president of commercial and product strategy at Kroger Precision Marketing, in a statement.

The partnership with Kroger comes about one month after Roku launched its new OneView ad platform that integrates the reach and inventory of Roku advertising with the identity and attribution tools of demand-side platform dataxu, which Roku acquired last year for $150 million.

During the most recent quarter, Roku added 2.9 million incremental active accounts to raise its total to 39.8 million.