Streaming video hours more than doubled since last year, study says

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Conviva also broke down streaming viewing hours by market in the U.S. and found that New York City was at the top in terms of volume. (iStock)

With an influx of new streaming services from Disney, WarnerMedia and others, streaming video viewing time will likely only go up from here. But, new Conviva data shows it’s already rising.

The company’s latest State of Streaming TV report is out today and it shows streaming video viewing hours during the second quarter are up more than 130% from the same period one year ago. Not surprisingly, connected TVs and mobile drove much of that increase. Viewing time on connected TVs was up 143% year over year and on mobile, it was up 109%.

But, viewing time on PCs is also continuing to rise.


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“While PCs have generally fallen out of favor for streaming in relation to connected TVs and mobile devices, they captured 15.1 minutes per play and still grew significantly for a 75% increase in viewing hours,” wrote Conviva in the report.

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Conviva also broke down streaming viewing hours by market in the U.S. and found that New York City was at the top in terms of volume.

“At number one in sheer tally of United States viewing, the hours New York watched in Q2 are equivalent to every person who has ever finished the New York City Marathon watching every single episode of ‘Friends’ – more than twice over,” the report said.

But, after total consumption was normalized based on population size, the study’s results had New York ranked 14th in consumption alongside San Francisco in 13th and Boston in 15th. Dallas claimed the title as top market for streaming with consumption 44% higher than would be expected for its population size.

“Atlanta, 5th in overall consumption, over-indexed by 32% to take second, while Phoenix, 8th in overall consumption over-indexed by 23% to take the silver for top streaming markets,” the report said.

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