Verizon shakes up TV, internet bundles with ‘Mix & Match’ pricing

Verizon Fios’ new pricing plans got a nod of approval from Consumer Reports. (FierceWireless)

Verizon is throwing out its standard television and internet service bundles in favor of Fios “Mix & Match” pricing, which allows subscribers to build their own packages.

First, Verizon will have Fios subscribers choose from three broadband service options: 100 Mbps, 300 Mbps and Gigabit Connection. Those plans start at $39.99/month and top out at $79.99/month. For new subscribers who choose Gigabit, the WiFi 6-enabled Fios Home Router is included. Verizon is also including a free year of Disney+ for subscribers who sign up for any internet plan.

After that, subscribers choose from five different video plans which include YouTube TV for $49.99/month, More Fios TV (which includes 300+ channels plus regional sports) for $70/month and The Most Fios TV (which includes 425+ channels) for $90/month. Other options include Fios TV Test Drive, where subscribers explore 425+ channels for 60 days before Verizon recommends a plan for them, and Your Fios TV, where subscribers choose five channels and then Verizon recommends a package based on those preferences. Both of those packages are $50/month plus a $12/month set-top rental fee.

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Finally, subscribers can add on home phone service for $20/month.

“Customers have been loud and clear about their frustrations with cable, and we’ve listened. As a result, we’re transforming our approach to Internet and TV offers by giving customers more choices and more transparency,” said Frank Boulben, senior vice president of consumer marketing and products at Verizon, in a statement. “Customers are tired of having to buy a bundle with services they don’t want to get the best rates, and then discover that those rates didn’t include extra fees and surcharges. We’re putting an end to the traditional bundle contract and putting customers in control.”

Verizon is also promising its packages won’t include added surcharges, or broadcast or regional sports network fees.

“The price is the price, plus tax, and you’ll always know what you’re paying for,” the company said.

Verizon Fios’ new pricing plans got a nod of approval from Consumer Reports.

“Finally, a major cable company has gotten the message,” said Jonathan Schwantes, senior policy counsel for Consumer Reports, in a statement. “Consumers are fed up with paying hundreds of dollars in extra fees each year that weren’t always clearly disclosed when they signed up for service. While the cost of internet and cable TV service is still expensive, Verizon customers can now pick a plan that suits their needs and budget without having to worry about getting hit with a bill loaded with hidden fees.”

Verizon is also intertwining its wireless service with “Mix & Match.” The company said customers can join Mobile+Home Rewards in Verizon Up in the My Verizon app and save up to $20 per month, plus earn $10 a month towards their next device purchase.