Warner Bros.' DC Universe streaming service plans August 2018 launch

DC Universe logo (DC Entertainment)

A DC-branded direct-to-consumer digital service has long been in the works. First announced in April 2017, the service finally looks like it has a more concrete launch date.

Dani Snow, community manager for DC Entertainment, was on the James Bonding podcast earlier this week and revealed that the service will likely launch in late August. The news was spotted by Screen Rant.

Snow described the DC Entertainment digital platform as a “hub for all things DC.” It will be a home for digital movies, streaming TV shows and digital comics. She said right now DC Entertainment is working on getting everything from the company’s back catalog, including movies and animated TV shows, onto the platform.

In addition, DC is producing four original shows as of right now for the platform.

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Warner Bros. Television producer Greg Berlanti, who reportedly just got a massive new deal, is working on “Doom Patrol” and “Titans” for the platform. “Young Justice: Outsiders,” which will be the third season of the animated series “Young Justice,” is also in the works for the platform, as well as action-comedy series “Harley Quinn.” And DC is plotting a “Swamp Thing” series, which Snow said is one of the most anticipated series for the platform.

As Screen Rant points out, it’s unclear what movies and animated series will be hosted on the service.

Just last month, the service was officially named DC Universe and got its own landing page, promising a “first-of-its kind, immersive digital experience designed just for DC fans. One of the many incredible things your membership will include is unlimited access to the following exclusive original series.”

DC has yet to announce pricing or device compatibility for the new service.