Ever since Verizon-owned Yahoo Sports last year signed an expanded streaming deal with the NFL, the site has seen its viewership steadily increase.

Despite 4K still growing and emerging as a viable TV format, 8K is already on its way to living rooms throughout the world.

Though still in development, Google's and Microsoft's technology advances within video game streaming could eventually impact regular old video…

With Amazon having made streaming video a cornerstone of its Prime membership, it makes sense that brick-and-mortar retailers would follow suit.

AT&T is launching a WarnerMedia streaming service in late 2019, and the plans could have a negative impact on the company’s OTT services.

ESPN’s Aaron LaBerge will be executive vice president and chief technology officer of Disney’s international and direct-to-consumer segment.

AT&T and augmented reality startup Magic Leap are teaming up for a new version of DirecTV Now that will allow users to watch four shows at a time.

AT&T plans to launch a new direct-to-consumer streaming service in late 2019 that will use content from recently acquired HBO, Turner and Warner Bros.