DirecTV Now streaming app launches on Magic Leap augmented reality glasses

AT&T last year also said it plans to launch a wireless 5G test zone on Magic Leap’s corporate campus in Florida. (AT&T/Magic Leap)

AT&T is rolling out a beta launch for its DirecTV Now streaming TV app on the Magic Leap augmented reality (AR) headset.

The app will provide access to as many as 120 live TV channels and more than 45,000 video on demand shows and movies, all of which can be viewed on up to four screens simultaneously. Users get the choose the size and placement of the screens within their field of vision, and directional audio works so users will only hear audio for the screen they are looking at.

“Simply gaze at a spatial screen you wish to focus on and the audio from that screen plays while all other audio from the other screens is automatically muted,” wrote AT&T in a news release.

AT&T said the app also includes the first-ever spatial programming guide, which can also be placed anywhere, and is used to control the viewing experience.

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The includes Discover and Watch Now tabs. Within the Watch Now tab, scrolling displays show trending content, what’s on now and a continue watching option.

The official beta launch arrives after late last year AT&T and Magic Leap announced their partnership for a DirecTV Now app. AT&T also agreed to demo and sell Magic Leap headsets (which still retail $2,295) at its stores.

AT&T last year also said it plans to launch a wireless 5G test zone on Magic Leap’s corporate campus in Florida.

"New and immersive experiences from Magic Leap's developers eventually riding on the AT&T mobile 5G network will redefine entertainment and productivity," said John Donovan, CEO of AT&T Communications, in a statement. "And only AT&T is bringing us one step closer to the future of connectivity with the introduction of a mobile 5G network and a mobile 5G device in parts of 12 cities this year."

AT&T is also an investor in Magic Leap.

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