Hulu + Live TV raises price to $65/month


Hulu + Live TV has become the latest virtual MVPD to raise it monthly price as streaming options keep getting closer in cost to traditional TV services.

The live streaming TV service will raise its price by $10 per month, from $54.99 to $64.99, beginning December 18 for both new and existing customers. The price of Hulu with no ads plus live TV will also increase from $60.99/month to $70.99/month.

It appears that the price of Hulu’s SVOD service is staying at $5.99 per month and $11.99 per month without ads.

The price hike comes almost exactly one year after Hulu + Live TV’s previous increase, which raised rates to $54.99/month.

At the time of the last price increase, Hulu said that it was making it easy for Hulu subscribers to switch back and forth between our plans since many people don’t watch live television year-round.

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Hulu + Live TV now costs the same as YouTube TV and fuboTV, both of which raised their monthly prices over the summer.

Hulu + Live TV picked up 700,000 subscribers in the third quarter, up 41% year over year, and now has 4.1 million subscribers. That’s more than any of the other major vMVPDs and more than many traditional TV distributors including Verizon and Altice USA.

Disney said average monthly revenue per paid subscriber for the Hulu + Live TV rose from $58.82 to $71.90 year over year thanks to a retail pricing increase and higher live TV per-subscriber advertising revenue. However, the ARPU growth was held back slightly by the introduction of the Disney+, ESPN+ and Hulu bundle.