Pluto TV launches on Roku devices in the U.K.

Pluto TV has arrived in Europe. (Pluto TV)

U.S. free streaming TV service Pluto TV is making its way to Roku devices in the United Kingdom.

Olivier Jollet, managing director in Europe for Pluto TV, said the expansion will allow advertisers and programmers to reach a wider audience.

“The launch of Pluto TV in Europe is a monumental achievement as we actively pursue our mission of entertaining the planet,” said Tom Ryan, CEO and co-founder of Pluto TV, in a statement. “Olivier and his team have worked tirelessly to develop and launch Pluto TV in the U.K. with the perfect mix of our unique channel offerings, content partners and features, all adapted to meet the sensibilities and affinities of the local audience. This is an exciting next chapter for Pluto TV on a global scale.”

The move comes shortly after Pluto TV launched on Sky’s Now TV platform, which aggregates other streaming services including Netflix. Sky is an investor in Pluto TV.

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In addition to partnering with streaming players and pay TV operators, Pluto TV has been working with smart TV manufacturers. In August, Vizio partnered with Pluto TV so it can offer WatchFree, a cable television-like aggregator that offers multiple free streaming channels in a traditional channel grid guide.

Pluto TV has been growing its active user base. Earlier this year, the service said that it has 6 million unique users monthly.